Banisters are designed to protect people in different spaces and locations: residential spaces, commercial spaces, urban areas or industrial spaces. They can be made of different materials: round pipe, square, wide steel; with the current wooden hand, dyed or galvanized.

Depending on the destination, they can be:

  1. Standard banisters

Stair guard banisters in residential spaces, commercial spaces, public institutions or industrial spaces.

The standard height is provided in the legal rules of safety and, depending on these rules, they may be: industrial rails or handrails for child protection (meaning more consistent in terms of empty space filling).

It is done for both the horizontal plane and the inclined plane.

Depending on the location, they can be classically painted or galvanized.

  1. Protective parapet or special banisters

There are atypical banisters, with heights and shapes depending on the location, with different gripping systems, used predominantly in industrial spaces, public institutions or urban areas.

They can be made of pipe, sheet, mesh, depending on their destination and security standards.