We produce and install a wide range of interior stairs for residential spaces, commercial spaces, and public institutions.

We work on our own projects, carried out by measurements made by our specialists or beneficiaries’ projects.

Stairs can be in several constructive variants: straight, helical (spiral), curved, with central stringer or lateral stringer.

  • Helical stairs (spirals)

Their advantage is that they occupy a small space, so they can be placed in narrow places and, once completed, they become spectacular elements of the living space.

  • Central stringer stairs

We recommend them for relatively large spaces.

They are characterized by having the structure of resistance placed on the stair axis, under the steps. Their capture is done directly on the stringer.

The stair can take straight or curved shapes.

The advantage is that they can be adapted to the style of space.

  • Lateral stringer stairs

It is the most popular and closest model to the classic style.

They may be helical, curved or straight.