Street architecture is connected to the urban space, and the outdoor products can enrich the urban landscape while being functional.

Street garbage cans

Made of metal, with or without wooden parts, with different fastening systems.


With or without a backrest, they were created to provide relaxation or rest. Those who like to walk or tourists will appreciate a moment of relaxation or rest to contemplate or to recover.

For streets or for parks, they are made of metallic structure with seat and backrest made of wood stained, designed to withstand atmospheric conditions.

Bicycle parkings

With the increasing popularity of bicycles among Romanians, there has also been an increased need for places specially designed to accommodate them.

We offer you easy-to-use parkings with a simple design and low maintenance costs.

Bus stop shelters

Made of metallic structure with transparent long-life, with advertising spaces, with bench with a metal frame and a stained wood seat.

The metal surfaces are either galvanized or primed and painted.


With volumes ranging from 3.75 mc to 45 mc, they are designed for the transport and storage of non-compact materials.

They are provided with rollers, hinges, security locks, hooks for canopies or nets, stairs (according to security standards), chain handling systems, cables.